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The SDN Series - Part 4


So far in the SDN Series we’ve covered industry challenges, our solution and the plethora of potential business opportunities.

This month we’re highlighting the benefits to you yet again… Hopefully our use of repetition has created familiarity – not contempt! Repetition leads to understanding, as it gives us time for the penny to drop.

Software Defined technology is changing the way businesses work and how services are delivered. There are many opportunities for those Channel businesses that use SDN to build value around what they are selling and stand out from the crowd.

So, repeat after me…

With SDN:

  • I can control the solutions I provide with Virtual1’s fully automated network
  • I can react quickly to my customers changing needs with configuration changes in near real time
  • I can define my own support SLAs and use these to create value as a managed service
  • I can link our systems to Virtual1 and give end customers direct control too

Automation is Empowerment!


Watch this space for the final instalment - 28th September

If you can't wait until then...