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The SDN Series - Part 3


Last month on the SDN series, we introduced you to SyDNey – the non-human manifestation of SDN, designed to make it easier to understand. In that chapter, it was clear to see that the customer journey with our software defined network is way better than the traditional way of doing things.

Chapter 3 – How does our Network Benefit our Partners…?

In this chapter we really hammered home the benefits of SDN with some real world examples for you.

Scenario 1. Black Friday:

With SDN you can make network changes in near real-time. This is pretty useful for a business that has to contend with periods of unprecedented demand – think Black Friday or Glasto! With SDN, speed of service is improved and everyone is happy. Win win.

Scenario 2. Sports Venue:

Or any other seasonal venue you can think of… With SDN, bandwidth can be scaled on-demand so you can offer your customers maximum connectivity, and capacity, at a time it’s needed. Then take it down again when it’s not – who wouldn’t want that?!

Scenario 3. Bespoke Service Packages:

This scenario is a benefit just for you! With this functionality, you can charge for tighter SLA’s and ‘package-up’ these different benefits as you wish. A 5-day change request could be reduced to minutes with our SDN; this is something you could charge for, or just use to differentiate yourselves from your competitors!


Watch this space for Part 4 - 28th August

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