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The SDN Series - Part 2


Last month on the SDN series, we covered our history and the industry challenges; but we didn’t get into the super-technical, hard core, nitty gritty of what SDN actually is.

Your wait is now over….

Chapter 2 - The Possibilities of SDN

Meet SyDNey! - the tiny green flying machine that can make all these changes to our network for you. No, we haven’t gone insane, we’ve just given a non-tangible software - or methodology - a physical form; so we can get to grips with it.

Cast your mind back to (or Google) the 1987 film Innerspace – instead of a tiny shrunken submersible flying around a human body, think speedy high tech machines flying around our network through ethernet arteries, manipulating routers and making changes with lightning speed.

Through Software Defined Networking we have simplified the customer journey - which is always a good thing! By providing a better experience, you can differentiate yourself or even charge for changes. More will be revealed in later chapters.

Typical customer journey:

  • Customer: I’d like to increase our connectivity capacity please!
  • You: No problemo.
  • You: Hiya provider, please can you help me out here?
  • Provider: Sure thing, I’ll get right back to you.
  • Provider: Hey support, put the wheels in motion.
  • Support: Yeah but I need to speak to the first (of three) Capacity Engineering Teams.
  • Support: Lads… Can you add one to the Capacity Planning meeting a week on Wednesday.
  • Engineering: It’s on the list!

[a lot of back and forth]

  • Customer: Why is this taking so long?!

Our customer journey:

  • Customer: I’d like to increase our connectivity capacity please!
  • You: No problem.

[You go straight to 1Portal and deploy SyDNey with a click of a button to make the network changes in minutes]

  • You: All done.
  • Customer: Woah that was quick! I’ll be putting more business your way, for sure!

I know which journey I’d prefer!


Watch this space for Part 3; How does our Network benefit our Partners – 27th July

If you can’t wait until then…